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Masternodes.  Masternodes are a  second tier of the network making the super fast transaction speeds possible.  They also provide the dark send feature keeping your transactions anonymous if you’d like, as they provide an important functionality to the network masternode owners will be rewarded with block rewards (coins)  Bitcoin Lightning is designed to give maternoade investors ( you will need 3000 coins to set one up) a very high rate of interest far exceeding local banks  making it an ideal investment coin  but you don’t have to be a masternode owner to benefit from this as bitcoin lightning also stakes in your wallet. Essentially, the more coins you have the more weight you will have on the network and the faster your coins will grow.  


CoinTicker : BLT
Max Supply: 70,000,000 coin
Block Time: 90 seconds
PoS Block Reward : 80 Coin reducing by 40% a year
Stake age : 6 Hr
75% Block Reward for masternodes + 25% Block Reward for staking
Masternode collateral: 3,000 coin
Algorithm Scrypt